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DDS4Kids is organized as a charitable dental service program in remote villages. Our short-term goal is to bring free dental care to the village children, to relieve pain and infection, to give aid to farmers, fisherman, and laborers who subsist working on the land and sea, living under two dollars a day. Our long-term goal is to empower the local communities with basic health education, through five-year dental education program and training in each chosen elementary school, working closely with the local Red Cross staff, school administration, and health care workers, hoping to change the existing misperception and establish a good understanding of dental health, dental diseases and disease prevention.

Dr. Lan Jones founded DDS4Kids humanitarian dental relief organization after many years of actively involved in volunteer dentistry in the local public health clinics in Texas and Africa since 1987. She began organizing dental trips to Vietnam in 1993, and the first dental program for the children in remote villages was born in 1996. Each year Dr. Jones leads a team of maximum ten volunteers for a minimum of two-week trip to Vietnam between the months of February and April. The teams are made up of volunteers of all skills, dentists, surgeons, health care professionals as well as lay people, any one who can assist and wants to participate in charitable work of helping the underserved people in the world are welcomed to join.

DDS4Kids Board of Director

Dr. Lan Jones, Founder and President

Dr. Tammy Powell, Treasury

Mrs. Jennifer Ogle, Webmaster

Honorary Board Members

Dr. Kenneth Jones - Knoxville, Tennessee 

Dr. Thomas Love - Oakland, California

Dr. John Pfefferle - Raleigh, North Carolina

Dr. Jack Rudd - Texas/Zambia

Dr. John Savage - Ebro, Florida 

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